@PeoplesVoice recognised as being a leader in field of digital transformation

So, another good news day! We are thrilled to announce that we have been rated at #27 out of the top 50 Digital Leaders in the UK. They say:

leaders_logo“The Digital Leaders 50, in association with Digital by Default News, recognises leaders and organisations who demonstrate a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation.The winners will have shown leadership and innovation in harnessing digital technology and the internet as providers of information, key services and social interaction.”

We are thrilled to have received recognition for the development of the Community Reporter programme and the growing network of organisations who now make up part of the European Network of Community Reporters.

Gary Copitch, Chief Executive of People’s Voice Media, says, “We are particularly pleased that this award recognises the importance of sustainability in digital transformation. We are working hard to support all of our members in developing sustainable delivery strategies as we know that supporting Community Reporters at a grass roots level is the key to achieving meaningful transformation, for individuals and communities.”

Thanks to everyone who voted for us – and a particular thank you to Liat Currie from Toxteth TV who originally nominated us!

Listening to the people – a collaboration with @IPPR

“A fantastic opportunity: for us, our Social Licensee holders and our Community Reporters.”

We are extremely pleased to announce that People’s Voice Media will be working alongside IPPR, a think tank based in London and the North of England which is carrying out a major project on future social policy. 

IPPR wish to gather stories from people of Britain about the stresses that impact on their lives. In their words:

A key element of the project is to ‘hear from people across the country’ about their everyday experiences, the stresses and strains they encounter, and what is needed to help them to live more fulfilling and less pressured lives. Part of this will be achieved through the primary research project, but in addition IPPR wants to launch what we are calling a ‘Voices of Britain’ initiative. This initiative would aim to give a ‘snapshot’ impression of this country in 2013 through creating an on-line ‘collage of voices’.

Gary Coptich from People’s Voice Media says,

This is such a fantastic opportunity for us, our social licensee holders and our Community Reporters and we are extremely pleased to be working with IPPR on such a great project. It is so important that people’s voices are heard and this is such a good fit for us. What’s more, having social licensee holders across the UK makes this kind of project perfect for us to deliver on. Our social licensee holders will now be able to earn income from the project whilst representing the diverse communities that they work in.

The project will run from June – October 2013. Links to content and project website to follow.

Is it really grim up east Manchester?

Institute of Community ReportersCommunity Reporting is all about local people telling stories about their local area and community. East Manchester has featured in the news recently following the killing of two female police officers in the area.

The Observer this Sunday wrote that “parts of Greater Manchester are effectively in lockdown” however for People’s Voice Media, who have worked in the area for well over a decade, there is a rather different picture.

Local residents have been producing a variety of stories highlighting their local community and it’s not about weapons and terror on the streets.

Instead it is those everyday real life stories about Edge Lane Allotments (on the borders of Clayton and Droylsden) holding a Neighbours Day:

An allotment as an oasis.

East Manchester residents celebrating growing their own food:

The Observer describes “North Road that cuts through the east Manchester district of Clayton, a police car can be seen scouting a red-brick boxing gym every 15 minutes… part of the huge police operation designed to stymie further bloodshed”. Less than a third of a mile away is Clayton Sure Start at the Wells Centre.

People’s Voice Media has been running sessions here for many years, giving people the skills to tell their stories and publish them online.

Stories such as what goes on at The Wells Centre

… or the importance of volunteering and getting involved in your local charity shop.

So whilst The Observer reports hopes that “Greater Manchester’s east side does not descend into the intercine gun war that engulfed the south of the city two decades ago” Community Reporters tell a different story.

For more stories from Community Reporters in Manchester see:

cityinterhacktives feature Community Reporting

I was interviewed before Christmas by Antonia Kanczula, a student on City University London’s MA Interactive Journalism course. Have a look at the blog post and podcast here. She’s picked out some of the key points about Community Reporting – why we do it, what drives us, how it differs from Citizen Journalism and our hopes for the future.

The site is really interesting with lots of comment and analysis on all things social media so it’s worth having a look at their work.

I’d like to thank Antonia for her interest and wish her luck with her future studies.

Gary Copitch talking about Media City and Media Communities on the new JMP Screenworks website

I was recently interviewed on the new JMPScreenworks.com web site which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the media practice community. Its aim is to provide an exciting and creative space for a wide variety of contributions from both the academic and professional media communities.  The interview focused on social media and community reporting and the idea of developing Media Communities around Media City that could  generate content and stories across the North.  Thanks to the University of Salford for organising this and to Greg Bevan for the filming and editing.

See  the article about this on the Guardian web site

Lottery Becomes more transparent – Social Media at its best

I am really pleased to tell everyone that Third Sector News announced today  that the Big Lottery Fund will explain how and why it solicits bids for money. Chief Executive Peter Wanless says “The BLF will publish a summary on its website of the process”.

This is a great success for myself and Richard Caulfield  from VSNW  who  initiated this as a response to some significant bids being awarded . It’s nice to see a large organisation like the Big  Lottery listen to the criticism and then respond.  Of course the discussion is still on fairness so I look forward to seeing the policy. Hope it takes note of the comment from Jamie Ward-Smith who said

“I think fairer approach is the one that Cabinet Office is about to adopt with its infrastructure fund, ie that of inviting people to submit ideas within set parameters with funding going to those that are most convincing and, hopefully, able to deliver.”

This issue was completely carried out on Twitter and Blogs which stated the ball rolling but it clearly hit a chord and thanks to Third Sector News for picking up on it and also Dave Wilcock for promoting the issue.  Twitter and Blogging is certainly a way forward for organisations to comment and raise issue with organisations.

The issue was never about the large  award to the Media Trust but about the Big Lottery transparency. However, I do hope that the Media Trust takes note and develops a partnership with other organisations in order to achieve there objectives.   Lets wait and see.

We have been shortlisted for the Technology4Good award!

I am pleased to announce that People’s Voice Media have been shortlisted for a UK Technology4Good award. The nomination is for our Community Reporter’s Programme, in the ‘Community Voices’ category.  Panelists had to sift through over 200 entries to select finalists. To be included in this small list of finalists is a great achievement and celebrates our goal to give local people a voice and is a tribute to all our Community Reporters!

The T4G awards are for organisations that “use digital technologies to help change our communities for the better”. In particular, the Community Voice Award is judged on how well an organisation is at “using digital media and the internet to give a voice to people in excluded communities… telling stories in innovative, high quality and inspiring ways…creating solutions that are sharable and/or replicable by others”.

The award will be presented at a ceremony in London on June the 7th , where People’s Voice Media and all the other finalists will gather. Keep your fingers crossed!