Spanish Social Licensee training Community Reporters across the world

Intras our Spanish Social Licensee is running the Pals Web TV (Youth empowerment through Community Reporting and Peers Learning) supported by Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Youth project.

In the case of Nepal, Indonesia, Guatemala, Macedonia and Spain disadvantaged young people are less likely to be offered opportunities to build up key competences which our important for employment. Fundación Intras role in the project is to transfer to the partner countries, the knowledge, skills and tools to train Community Reporters, and to support these Community Reporters to train their peers.

The objectives of the project are to:

• Empower the foreign partner organisations working with disadvantaged youth through the transfer of the Community Reporting methodology.

• Promote acquisition and improvement of transversal skills in the area of ICT, innovation, business planning or internationalization.

The project will train 2 youth workers per partner on Community Reporting who afterwards will be in charge of transmitting the knowledge to the Community Learning Pals. Each partner will select 3 young people and train them for the role of Community Learning Pals, teaching them among other things:  Community Reporting techniques, the use of media and TV, ITC, community marketing and promotional technique.

Each partner will organise one pilot training per partner country, during which the Peer Learning Pals will transfer the acquired knowledge to 10 of their peers. In addition each partner will produce one multimedia story per participant- in the format of a TV show. Develop a “Pals TV app”, a mobile application which will contain blogs, videos and posts created by the youngsters participating in the project.

The partners are: Fundación INTRAS (Spain), Coordinator, Association for citizen’s tolerance and cooperation ACTAC (Macedonia), Campaign to Change Nepal (Nepal), Dejavato Foundation (Indonesia) and SODEJU Fundaju (Guatemala)

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